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South Asia

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April 2023

South Asian folk music encompasses a rich tapestry of musical traditions from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan, each with its own unique styles and influences. From the lively rhythms of Punjabi bhangra to the soulful melodies of Bengali baul, these traditions reflect the region's diverse cultures, languages, and histories. Instruments like the tabla, sitar, sarangi, and dholak are integral to South Asian folk music, adding depth and texture to performances that celebrate life's milestones, seasonal festivals, and spiritual rituals. One notable example is Bihu, a traditional folk music and dance form from the Indian state of Assam, characterized by its energetic rhythms and vibrant choreography. Whether performed during harvest celebrations, religious processions, or community gatherings, South Asian folk music serves as a powerful expression of cultural identity, resilience, and unity, connecting generations and fostering a deep sense of pride among its diverse peoples.

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