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Japanese Flute
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Global Notes

Find the perfect arrangment for your group. We take pride in our diverse group of arrangers, bringing traditional melodies from their home countries. Discover hidden gems and meaningful melodies straight from the source. 

Our Latest Collection

Our Services

Capoeira Music Instruments


Music Publishing

We represent music makers and arrangers to help get their traditional music performed  throughout the country. We pitch, and handle music administration. 


Educational Content

We make easy to understand videos and resources explaining the nuances of each style of music! Aimed for a classroom or for the curious music listener.


Custom Arrangments

Looking for a specific melody or style? Send us your request and our team of arrangers will fit it to your ensemble and specifications! 


Our Story

Global Notes emerged from a desire to bridge cultural divides through music. It began with the vision to unearth and arrange obscure folk songs from around the world, bringing them to American schools, music festivals, and beyond. Fuelled by a passion for cultural preservation and knowledge dissemination, Global Notes has evolved into an arranging collective that not only educates through social media but also publishes sheet music and delivers captivating performances that transcend borders.

Traditional Instrument
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