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At Global Notes, our mission is to deliver authentic arrangements of significant folk melodies, preserving culture and spreading knowledge to new generations. Through extensive research, we curate bite-sized social media content, conduct workshops and concerts, and provide a comprehensive sheet music website that fosters a community of individuals who think beyond borders. Our aim is to empower educators, inspire young musicians, and engage curious minds with an accessible database of diverse musical traditions.

Sunset in Tibidabo

Our Story

Global Notes emerged from Shreya's desire to bridge cultural divides through music. It began with her vision to unearth and arrange obscure folk songs from around the world, bringing them to American schools, music festivals, and beyond. Fuelled by a passion for cultural preservation and knowledge dissemination, Global Notes has evolved into an arranging collective that not only educates through social media but also publishes sheet music and delivers captivating performances that transcend borders.

the vision.

Shreya Pujari envisions a world where musicians of diverse ethnicities, languages, and religions seamlessly collaborate and celebrate the rich tapestry of humanity's music. Global Notes strives to be synonymous with diversity and excellence in musical education, with a vision of becoming a household name for choirs, orchestras, and schools alike. Guided by a diverse panel of passionate musicians, Global Notes seeks to elevate and amplify the voices of every rhythm and dialect, fostering a global community united by the power of music.

Reggae Concert
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About the founder

Shreya Pujari, the CEO and Founder of Global Notes, embodies a lifelong dedication to music and cultural exploration. Raised in an environment rich with the melodies of Indian folk music, Shreya's journey began at the age of six, singing songs that echoed through her community. Fueled by a profound curiosity for world languages and cultures, her musical pursuits expanded to encompass West African drumming, Indonesian percussion, and Celtic folk songs.

During her travels and performances, including a transformative experience in Europe, Shreya found herself warmly embraced by diverse communities, regardless of her own cultural background. This deepened her commitment to sharing the universal language of music across borders, inspiring her to pursue formal musical education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

At Berklee, Shreya's studies have focused on Mediterranean music, leading her to immerse herself in the vibrant traditions of flamenco in Spain and explore neighboring cultures through intensive workshops and lessons. Her experiences at Berklee, coupled with her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit, laid the foundation for Global Notes.

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